Mixy (lalandergirl) wrote in hafskjold_stav,


Stav training was awesome. much hand to hand stuffs, not all new to me. Bindrunes. Full, if paper, runeset created. More comfortable with the staff stuff. Muchly cool. Sadly Monday morning during the teacher training i did a very ugly thing to my leg. Upper left thigh, just above the midpoint at the front. Four hours, a lot of Tei-Fu, a soak in hot bath with epsom salt and a great deal of ice later i can walk, slowly, i can even VERY SLOWLY do stairs. Kneeling, rising from a chair and generally anything that places weight on the knee (or pushes forward or upward against weight)

owie zowie.

Imagine driving home from Annapolis on this...it was rather fun.

Next stav-training date, March 10-11, Location TBA but probably Annapolis. Watch http://www.iceandfire.us/events/ for more information
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