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training dates posted on stav-usa

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...:::I have been doing this since I was young, without remembering or knowing that it was an art:::...

found it out a while ago:::...

thanks for it!
I was just able to load it.

Here is most of the content of the page in question.
We will begin by offering a "Stav Foundation Course" which is a full introduction to Stav, over the weekend April 8-9'th. We will offer some private lessons during the week of April 10'th -13'th (please contact us to book Graham's time) , then offer Four workshops, each three hours long, providing a range of training for those interested in general body/mind/spirit topics and of specific interest to students of Stav. There are no pre-requisites for the April 15-16 courses, but we recommend that if you can, please take the Foundation course first - it will just help you get more out of the seminars.

LOCATION: Northern Virginia, DC area. Specific Venue to be named in the coming weeks.

Date Time Seminar
(Details below) Non-Members Cost Ice & Fire
Saturday, April 8 9:00am-5:00pm FOUNDATION TRAINING COURSE DAY 1
Intro to Stav, Basic Stances, Staff exercises, Stav health benefits
$150 for 2 days $100 for 2 days
Sunday, April 9 9:00am-5:00pm FOUNDATION TRAINING COURSE DAY 2
Continue stances, More staff exercises, Runes & Galdr & Seid, Fylgia meditation

Monday, April 10 open open for booking private lessons contact us contact us
Tuesday, April 11 open open for booking private lessons contact us contact us
Wednesday, April 12 open open for booking private lessons contact us contact us
Thursday, April, 13 open open for booking private lessons contact us contact us
Friday, April 14 No classes
*Saturday, April 15 9:00am-12:00pm Five principles of Self defense $50 $25
* Saturday, April 15 1:00pm-4:00pm Battle axe/war club training $50 $25
** Sunday, April 16 9:00am-12:00pm Health benefits of Stav practice $50 $25
** Sunday, April 16 1:00pm-4:00pm Runes & Divination Workshop $50 $25

* Saturday will focus on the Body / Martial Arts aspects

** Sunday will focus on the body/mind/spirit integration

NON MEMBERS DISCOUNTS for April 15-16 workshops:

Good Idea: Sign up for any 2 seminars: Pay $45 each, $90 total
Great Idea: Sign up for all 4 seminars: Pay $40 each, or $160 for the entire weekend
The very best idea!: Membership in Ice & Fire USA is only $40/year - so, if you plan to do all 4 seminars join Ice & Fire first, and your discount pays for your $40 membership fee!


I am looking forward to go in norway one day and learn the tknik from the descendant of the gustav tribe, who have been teaching this for 44 generations:::...

...:::Any real deal to offer related to that? I'd like to see a copy of this and don`t want to have to think about verifying with these people oversea, I thank you in advance to make this art more popular and known for it benefits to health are many!!!
The link in your response is operated as the US side of Ice and Fire http://iceandfire.org. Ice and Frie US (stav-us) are under the Oxford Ve run by Graham Butcher who is a Master certifed by Ivar Hafskjold, originator of Hafskjold stav.

Ivar Hafskjold, (http://www.stavinternational.org/)the originator of Hafskjold Stav, learned the art of Stav from his family whilst growing up in Norway. He is the heir to forty-four generations of unbroken tradition. He lives in England, however. As far as I know, he has only certified four Masters, one in Sweden, one in Scotland (Orkney), one in Oxford(Graham), One in Yorkshire, and one in San Francisco. Each of these has certified masters, but i do not recognize the Gustav tribe. It could be an alternate line of stav (gustav-stav) or somebody certified by the first four masters (my information is very out of date at this point).

The instructor for all presentations mentioned in posts by me to the hafskjold-stav group is the aforementioned Graham Butcher of Oxford Ve. Hugh and I, and the rest of the US Ice and Fire group are only certified to teach basic Trell stances and Hugh can teach level 1 Staff Exercises, and will on request, but will likely just try to convince you to come learn from Graham in April.

does that answer your question?
figured it out, thanks for sayin'it, don;t worry, I ain;t just out of the wood or the last rain(*,-)
You could hardly for this tribe has ceased to exist for what seems like 20 generations or more:::...

It is as if you were to ask you can you teach me now where can I reach the nearest "François" or "FranK" and me to point any thus named guy; as a modern matter of fact, you probably would be satisfied, yet any person with the taste of the authentical would ask for a medieval frenchman or a tribes man that freed france(gaule) then from the roman invader:::...

And yes this does answers my question, what about yours???

Sorry for being harsch, I just did not felt like having junk food martial art teaching and pay happily for it:::...

...:::fer de informajion, I was going to go all the way in norway to learn the core stuff, been around for quite a while, anyways, we,ll talk that out later:::...
I am aware there are other "stav's" but i came sideways into hafskjold-stav, (via online runestudy) I don't have a lot of information beyond how Ivar received his training.

Do not worry, I knew exactly why you asked me and i was not upset at all, i just wanted to make sure you had all the informaton you needed to know we aren't like those other folks out there who find old fashioned arts they think have died out and claim to be masters in it.

In fact, Hugh has a story of a fellow who claimed to be a stav master when somebody on the periphery of the stav community asked him who trained him and he tried to bluff he was caught out. Er. That may be Graham's story actually, things get blurry after time...

anyway, the community has an email list on yahoogroups. i believe it is stav-web. You can go to groups.yahoo.com and join stav-web.

I do hope you are able to come to the foundation course.

So u are saying that the graham dude might have been the one bluffing an got caught? Then what, he decided to be certified?

I think the whole point of it all is not to be a master, it indeed is to use it as a claim to fame;;;,,,

,,,;;;whoever does that in anyways is not exactly as perfect as can be:::...

...:::I stumbled about it myself, through the sunnyway.com website I believe:::...

...:::That said, yes I am looking forward to it yet I cannot be sure, will work on it:::...

...:::Wondering if you ever heard of rammaukin or anything related to this???...

We don't have a venue yet, but we're looking in October and November. I will post again, but you could consider joining the stav-web yahoo group. It's by approval, but most people who apply are approved. Ivar Hafskjold is on the group.

(and don't worry, April was cancelled due to loss of our venue, so you didn't miss anything. I flew over to England to do my "Spring Training".)